Janusgate Mobile 2.8.0 released

Janusgate Mobile version 2.8.0 has been released. This minor version includes:

  • Official support for Exchange Server 2019.

  • Change in logging.config to ensure text log files are encoded using UTF-8 in order to support characters outside of ASCII or extended-ASCII.

  • New predicates have been added which can be used to test the value of an attribute belonging to a user's Active Directory entry.

  • The predicate for testing message header fields can now use replacement tokens for the string search it performs against a header value. This allows it to perform tests based on other properties of the message, so for example the Reply-To header could be compared to the From header.

  • A new replacement token is available that inserts the string value of a specified message header.

  • A new processor has been added to allow for the simple copying of a mail header's value(s) into a new header with a configurable name.

  • Rfc2822HeaderSetter processor now supports use of replacement tokens in the header name.

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Janusgate Mobile
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25 October, 2022