Janusgate Exchange 2.8.0 released

Janusgate Exchange version 2.8.0 has been released. This update includes:

  • Official support for Exchange Server 2019.

  • New predicates which can be used to test the value of an attribute belonging to a user's Active Directory entry.

  • A new processor to allow for the simple copying of a mail header's value(s) into a new header with a configurable name.

  • The location of the Exchange Server's pickup directory is now determined whenever the Exchange Transport service is started, rather than when Janusgate Exchange is installed.

  • The SendMessage processor now supports use of context related replacement tokens in processor's configuration properties.

  • The Rfc2822HeaderSetter processor now supports use of replacement tokens in the header name.

Log in to the Janusnet website with your account to access the full release notes and the download package.


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Janusgate Exchange
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17 September, 2019