Janusgate Exchange 2.6.0 released

Janusgate Exchange version 2.6.0 has been released. This release includes:

  • Two new processors - the BodyWriter and SignatureWriter - which can be used for precisely writing text within the body of a message. The SignatureWriter is very similar to the BodyWriter, but has the ability to retrieve attributes from the sender's Active Directory user entry and include these values in the text that it writes to the body. In this way it can be used to implement centralised email signatures for an organization.

  • A new processor - AttachmentsSaver - which can be used to save the attachments of a message to the file system. The processor can be used to selectively save attachments using a string test against each attachment's name.

  • A new predicate , the BodyContentTester, which can be used to perform string tests against the body's raw content.

  • Two new Exchange Powershell scripts to simplify administrator management of Janusgate Exchange as a Transport Agent.

  • Logging configuration now defined in separate XML configuration file - logging.config - which should simplify upgrade process in future. The log4net library used by Janusgate Exchange was also updated to use version 1.2.15.

  • The time taken by Janusgate Exchange to start has been reduced.

  • All Janusgate Exchange instances in a network can now use a single common JGR file stored on a network share and Janusgate Exchange has built-in mechanisms to be resilient to network share failures if they occur.

  • The Janusgate Exchange 'on hold' feature (introduced in version 2.1.0) relies on a specially structured email from the original sender to cause a held message to be released. Some customers had reported that some email clients were not able to create the correct structure of the release message, but in this release this structure can be modified to be compatible with these email clients thereby overcoming the problem.

  • Several other fixes as detailed in the release notes.

Log in to the Janusnet website with your account to access the full release notes and the download package.


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5 July, 2018