Janusseal App for Outlook gets more powerful in Outlook on desktops

The highly popular and proven Janusseal for Outlook has a stable mate: Janusseal App for Outlook. Janusseal App for Outlook was developed using web technology which makes its deployment easier, and enables it to run on a wider range of platforms. Janusseal App for Outlook now supports greater functionality, as Microsoft has further developed the underlying Exchange Online capabilities.

Janusseal App for Outlook works in:

• Outlook on the Web (formerly known as OWA for Outlook Web App/Outlook Web Access)
• Outlook on desktop computers: Windows and Mac
• Outlook on mobiles: iOS and Android

A highly valued feature of Janusseal App for Outlook when running in Outlook on the Web is the ability to force users to security classify every message they send. The software does this by showing a pop-up dialog to the user when the user hits the ‘send’ button. The dialog box prompts the user to select a classification and, once a classification is added, the user can click ‘send’ from the dialog box.

In January 2020, Microsoft is scheduled to release updates to Outlook on Windows and Outlook Mac. These updates allow Janusseal App for Outlook to extend the functionality of forcing users to security classify messages they send via a pop-up dialog box to Outlook running on desktops (Windows and Mac) too. Janusnet has confirmed Janusseal App for Outlook operates correctly on these releases. 

Janusseal App for Outlook - operating in Outlook on Windows

Janusseal App for Outlook Windows pop up for classification

Janusseal App for Outlook - operating in Outlook Mac

Janusseal App for Outlook Mac pop up classification

Janusnet has another product which forces users of Outlook on Windows to security classify all messages they send: Janusseal for Outlook. The main difference between the products is that Janusseal App for Outlook is lighter on features, but it works across more variants of Outlook. Janusseal for Outlook is richer in features, but only works in Outlook on Windows desktops. 

With the new developments, Janusseal App for Outlook will increased its capability as the list below shows:


  • Works across several variants of Outlook
    • Outlook on the Web (former Outlook Web App/Access)
    • Outlook on desktop computers running Windows
    • Outlook on desktop computers running Mac
    • Outlook on mobiles running iOS or Android
  • Enforced classifications of all emails and meeting requests using Send trigger (new feature for 2020 in Outlook desktops; not available in Outlook Mobile)
  • Ability to specify security classification while writing message (not Outlook Mobile)
  • Ability to preview classification of receiving message 
  • Separation between display and marking values
  • Multiple locations for protective marking
    • Subject line header
    • At the beginning of the message body (text as well as marking can be added)
  • Allow, warn or prevent downgrading of classification on reply or forward
  • Compliant with multiple classification schemas and can be configured to be compliant with other schemas
  • Configuration lives in the cloud
  • Cloud-based solution - SaaS

For more details about Janusseal App for Outlook capabilities, please talk to your Janusnet partner or contact us directly. Alternately you can review the capabilities in our documentation features