Janusseal 3.5 - our 2020 vision - has been released

For over 15 years Janusseal has been a leading product in information security labelling. Our latest release introduces powerful new integration capabilities that will deliver customers unparalleled versatility from security classification initiatives to information management.

Janusseal 3.5 both expands capabilities of information marking and integrates the use and function. This is data classification software designed to improve the security of information handling that simultaneously addresses the broader information management and taxonomies that assist with the integration of business systems, productivity and workflows.

Traditionally Janusseal was designed to work hand-in-glove with information security systems such as email gateways, data loss prevention, data governance systems and cryptography. Through the inspired design of the Janusseal engineering team and the application of flexible logic at the endpoint, Janusseal now offers a world of possibilities, starting with integration with document management systems. Customers will be able to more quickly and easily recognise, classify and manage information.

Crucially, these powerful new capabilities of Janusseal 3.5 require no additional hardware investments and can be rolled out across existing infrastructure.

The significant new features include:

  • Sensitive content can be detected and appropriate classification automatically applied
  • Easier navigation via Advanced button in ribbon for users to simply navigate to select further classification metadata
  • Recent items button showing usage history in ribbon to simplify classification selection
  • Multiple classification namespaces for organisations that require more than one classification schema

Performance is assured through Janusseal's serverless processing and Janusseal's operation will continue to be fast. Reliable and straightforward to deploy, Janusseal 3.5 delivers outstanding information management capabilities.

To learn more about how Janusseal 3.5 can benefit your organisation, contact your Janusnet partner or contact us directly. 

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