Janusseal to support latest changes to the Australian Government EPMS within week

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Historic article 20th June 2012

Today AGIMO released a statement that a correction to the Email Protective Marking Standard 2012.2 will be issued:

AGIMO would like to advise of an important correction to the detail of the Email Protective Marking Standard 2012.2 published at http://www.finance.gov.au/e-government/security-and-authentication/docs/email_protective_marking_standard_2012_2.pdf.
The change relates to the coding for Dissemination Limiting Markers (DLMs) as set out at section 2.11.7 DLM Literals on Page 18 of the Standard.
If DLMs are coded using the current specification they will appear in UPPER CASE.  Consistency with the Protective Security Policy Framework requires DLMs to appear in Mixed Case.
The Standard is currently being revised and will be republished as version 2012.3 early in the week beginning 23 July.


To support this change, Janusnet plan to add support for 2012.3 with the forthcoming release of Janusseal for Outlook Web App version 2.5.0 (to be released 25th July 2012) and a patch release to Janusseal for Outlook version 2.6.1 (to be released on 26th July 2012), already supporting all previous versions of the standard and grandfathering.