Janusgate Mobile Wins 2012 SC Magazine Award for Best Mobile Security Solution

SC 2012 award Mobile Security Solution - JanusgateJanusnet is extremely pleased that Janusgate Mobile has won the 2012 SC Magazine Award for best Mobile Security Solution.

SC Magazine Australia announced the winners of their awards during the AusCERT 2012 conference. Janusnet Directors, Greg Colla and Neville Jones, were on hand to accept the award for Mobile Security Solution from Darren Pauli, editor of SC Magazine Australia.

The Mobile Security Solution Award is for the solution or provider that keeps data and applications safe and secure while travelling on networks, stored on removable media or "light OS" mobile devices. Assessment of entries for this award is based on how the product or service protects its users better than its competitors, how it differs significantly from its competitors, and its technical and business advantages. The judging panel comprised of an independent panel of regional security experts.

Janusgate Mobile allows an organization to embrace a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy. It supports the broadest range of mobile devices, as it operates on customer premises, and does not require application deployment to the phone or tablet. It allows the organization's staff to connect their preferred mobile device.

Janusgate Mobile protects an organization’s sensitive information by policing the synchronisation of information between the organization's email infrastructure and each mobile device. It ensures that sensitive information is only delivered to appropriately secure mobile devices, thereby reducing the risk of leakage in the case of the device being lost or otherwise compromised.

"Our customers choose Janusgate Mobile because their end-users prefer the best user experience when operating their mobile devices, as opposed to locking down the phone and limiting its functionility", said Dr Neville Jones, Janusnet's Chief Technical Officer. "Finding the balance between security and usability is often a headache for organisations. With Janusgate Mobile, customers can fulfill both users' and organization security requirements."

Janusnet would like to thank all its customers for their ongoing support, and the Janusnet team for their dedication to the provision of high-quality, innovative products.