Janusseal products support the Traffic Light Protocol

The UK's Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)  defined the Traffic Light Protocol for increasing the security of exchanges of information. It is a simple security classification schema in which the originator indicates how widely they will allow their information to be distributed beyond the intended recipient, if at all.

There are four security classifications in the schema:

  • RED - for named recipients only
  • AMBER - limited distribution
  • GREEN - community wide distribution
  • WHITE - unlimited distribution

This schema was originally intended for exchanges of information between CPNI and its members, but has now gained acceptance by G8 nations and further afield. It is a good candidate schema for use by private sector organisations and corporations, especially those that do not have a pre-defined data classification policy.

Janusnet created a Security Classification Schema definition file (.SCS) for use in Janusseal Schema that implements the Traffic Light Protocol. Janusseal Schema can then be used to create configuration files suitable for all Janusseal products so they use the Traffic Light Protocol as their security classification schema. It is a good strating point for anyone that is new to security classification labels.