EPMS deadline and 2018.3 update: Janusnet has you covered

As the deadline for the 2018 Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) approaches (1 October 2020), it's important to be aware of EPMS 2018.3 requirements. The Email Protective Marking Standard was updated to EPMS 2018.3, when the Commonwealth's Attorney-General’s Department announced a policy update which affects the Sensitive and security classified information section of the PSPF 2018. 

The recent EPMS 2018.3 changes affect the selection of IMMs and Caveats. The change is relatively minor and involves the formatter of the x-header of subject line when a sender selects Caveats and Markers at the same time. In the example below we see the order has changed with the Caveat (Cabinet) now appearing before the IMM (Personal Privacy).

EPMS 2018.3 IMM and caveat header change

(Also this update eliminated the small confusion between the EPMS 2018.1 standard and 2018.2 (the document version) as both the document and that standard have the same version number.)

The PSPF Policy 8, 18 November 2019 rewrite provides updates on the use and storage of sensitive and classified information particularly when outside the office. It relates to information accessed via mobile devices. A summary of the protections required for each protective marking is listed in new Annexes A-E.

For more information see the Changes in revised PSPF Policy 8: Sensitive and classified information pdf. For a summary of Section 8, visit the Sensitive and classified information page or click here for the complete PSPF Infosec 08 Sensitive and security classified information v2018.3 pdf. 

Janusnet released Janusseal for Outlook 3.5. in March. It implements the changes necessary for the 2018 PSPF and provides rich grandfathering features to simplify transition of the new classification system within your network.

Classify an email for 2018 PSPF using Janusseal for Outlook

Janusnet has updated configurations for 2018.3 available for customers using Janusseal 3.4 and 3.5.

The 2018 PSPF changes include:

  • Changes to the range of security classifications
  • Removal of Dissemination Limiting Markers (DLMs)
  • Addition of Information Management Markers
  • Updates to Caveats

As the deadline for the 2018 PSPF changes approaches (October 2020), now is a great time to convert to Janusseal. Its implementation is fast and easy. 

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