Janusseal supports 2018 PSPF

The content on this page has been updated. Please refer to "EPMS 2018.4 announced late 2020 - how Janusnet has you covered" for more information. 

Following updates to the federal Australian Government's Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF), and associated update to the Email Protective Marking Standard (EPMS 2018.1), Janusnet has released Janusseal for Outlook 3.4. This release follows Janusnet's strong support of open standards with its implementation of previous releases of EPMS standard since its first release in 2005.

Janusseal for Outlook 3.4 implements the changes necessary for the 2018 PSPF and provides rich grandfathering features to simplify transition, allowing for staged update of the new classification system within your network.

Classify an email for 2018 PSPF using Janusseal for Outlook

The 2018 PSPF changes include:

  • Changes to the range of security classifications
  • Removal of Dissemination Limiting Markers (DLMs)
  • Addition of Information Management Markers
  • Updates to caveats

The EPMS 2018.1 provides an open standard to implement the 2018 PSPF in email. It allows email components, such as clients and servers to interact between agencies, to interact, so that a message classified in one agency can be interpreted and handled correctly by a receiving agency.

Janusseal for Outlook 3.4 is supported with an updated gov.au starter kit, which includes the configuration for 2018 EPMS classifications, and a guide for transitioning to the 2018 PSPF.

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