Enter license details for Janusseal for Outlook & Janusseal Documents

License information for Janusseal for Outlook and Janusseal Documents can be entered via Group Policy. The advantage of using Group Policy is to simplify desktop deployment.

If you have a starter kit prepared by Janusseal you may already have the evaluation license information in the Group Policy.

This article describes how to initially enter your license details, how to check the details and how to update them using Group Policy.

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07 Nov, 2014
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06 Nov, 2023 15:49
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To Enter the License Information using Group Policy

The following process describes how to update your license information when using Group Policy, and assume the Janusseal Group Policy has already been created in your environment. If this is not the case, refer to the Evaluation Guide: Centralized Machine Configuration using Active Directory.

Note: the following instruction are for using Domain Group Policy Management. If you are using Local GPO for your evaluation, use your local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc).

You will need appropriate Administrator privileges. 

  1. On a domain controller, open the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC).
  2. In the GPMC navigation pain, locate and select the Group Policy used for managing Janusseal.
  3. Edit the GPO. The Group Policy Editor is displayed.
  4. In the Group Policy Editor, navigate to Computer Configuration|Administrative Templates|Classic Administrative Templates (ADM)|Janusnet|Janusseal|License
  5. In the right hand pane open the setting: turn ON Janusseal for Outlook license.
  6. Enable the setting and enter the license details as provided in your license agreement supplied from Janusnet.

    Note: It is very important to enter the license details exactly (including Licensee name) as provided by Janusnet.
  7. Save the setting to the policy by clicking the Apply button
  8. Close the group policy editor
  9. If you used a Domain Group Policy Object, then the group policy at each machine must be updated. This happens at regular intervals, or to force the update issue the command
    gpupdate /force
    in a command prompt on the target machine
  10. Restart Outlook for the change to take effect.

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