Send button does not work in Chrome v37 and above with OWA 2010 in premium (full) mode

Google's Chrome browser can be used to access the premium (full) mode of Outlook Web App in Exchange 2010.

If an end-user is using version 37 or above of the Chrome browser and Janusseal for Outlook Web App v2.5.8 or below, then when they click the Send button on a messsage or meeting request then the Janusseal for Outlook Web App is not shown and the item is not sent.

This issue is partly due to a change in the Chrome browser in that it no longer supports the creation of modal pop-up dialogs (browser windows). This dropping of support of this function has exposed an issue in the Janusseal code that is used when a browser does not support modal pop-ups.

Janusnet recommends that users of Chrome v37 and above use Exchange 2010 OWA in Light mode only. This is also the only viable option for Chrome 37 users because of the multitude of other broken aspects of the premium mode of OWA 2010 that occur due to this change in support for modal pop-ups and which occur without the presence of Janusseal for Outlook Web App (and hence are not due to it).

Janusnet have provided a fix in version 2.5.9 so the Send button will work in premium mode of OWA 2010 in Chrome v37 and above, however, the other issues inherent to premium mode in Chrome will remain.


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10 Sep, 2014
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08 May, 2018 19:56
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Google's Chrome browser can be used to access the premium (full) mode of Outlook Web App in Exchange 2010.

Prior to version 37 it was a fully functional OWA experience. With the release of version 37 certain functions in OWA 2010 premium have been broken, such as adding attachments to messages, finding the To or CC recipients of a new message and adding an inline image to a new message. This was due to a change in Chrome in the way it would no longer allow browser (modal) pop-up windows to be created.

This change also affected Janusseal for Outlook Web App 2.5.8 and below. It too uses a modal pop-up window for its classification dialog that is called when the end-user clicks the Send button. However, the Janusseal for Outlook Web App code was written to cope with a browser not supporting modal pop-up windows and this alternative code is called when using Chrome v37 and above. Unfortunately, this code does contain an imperfect coding practice and this causes an error in Chrome so that the alternative pop-up creation method is never called.

So because Chrome v37 no longer supports modal pop-up windows an issue in some rarely used code in Janusseal for Outlook Web App has become apparent. Strangely, this same alternative code is called from Chrome v37 when using OWA 2010 in Light mode; then the code works without issue and the classification pop-up is shown and the user can send the message.


Upgrade to version 2.5.9 or above to fix this issue, if end-users would still like to use Chrome to access OWA in premium mode on Exchange 2010.

There is a registry modification available for Chrome on Windows systems that restores Chrome's support for modal pop-up windows. However, this is regarded as only a temporary fix as Google have indicated this approach will not be available in 2015.

Use OWA in Light mode only when using Chrome 37 and above.

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