Executing a Mail Merge with Janusseal for Outlook

You can use Janusseal for Outlook to automatically classify messages generated by a Word Mail Merge. When each message is sent, no further user inteaction is required.


This article shows how to execute an E-mail Mail Merge using Office 2007 and Janusseal for Outlook 2.3. It does not require Janusseal Documents, although, if present, it simplifies the process.

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15 Sep, 2010
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Some organisations send mailouts using MS Word and MS Outlook. If the Word document is not prepared correctly, the sender may be prompted to classify each message as it is sent. By following this procedure, each message generated by the mail merge will be classified automatically by Janusseal for Outlook and will not require further user interaction.


In this example, a sample mail list of two recipients, Alice and Bob, is created using an MS Excel spreadsheet. The E-mail Mail Merge wizard from MS Word is used to execute the mail merge. During this process, the user manually specifies the security classification of the Word Document. Some Janusseal for Outlook policy may need to be adjusted by an Administrator so that no Janusseal interaction is required.


The target audience for this procedure is end users, help desk operators and system adminsitrators.


It is expected that the mail sender has experience sending mail merges from MS Word.



Check that confirmation is not required if the security classifcation is set during message compositon

 The simplest method of checking if confirmation is not requred if the security classification has been set during composition is to send yourself an email.


Using Outlook:

  • Begin a new email message, give it a subject and address it to yourself
  • Classifiy the email by using the drop down classification toolbar at the bottom of the email message
  • Send the email


If the message is sent with no further security classification dialog, the necessary policy setting is correct.


However, if  the classification dialog does pop up, then ask your administrator to change the relevant Janusseal for Outlook policy. Refer to the following Knowledge Base article: Prevent security classification popup if classification set during composition

Check that security classifications will be read from Word documents

To determine if security classifications will be read from Word documents can be done quickly by checking the appropriate settings in the Registry.


Open the Registry and navigate to:




The FieldName key should show the value PM_SecurityClassification


NB: You may need technical support to check the registry.


If this is not the case then ask your administrator to make the necessary change to the Janusseal for Outlook policy setting. Refer to the Knowledge Base article: Add security classification information to Microsoft Office documents




    Sender: Create the mail list

    For this example a very simple list of recipients has been created using MS Excel.


    Mail list for creating a mail merge with Janusseal for Outlook


    Sender: Execute the mail merge

    The sender prepares an MS Word document with the information required and then uses the Mail Merge Wizard to set up the mail merge.


    When beginning the Mail merge Wizard, select the E-Mail Messages option at Step 1 and continue through the Wizard until Step 4 of 6: Write your letter


    Navigation in Word to Properties


      When Step 4 of 6 of the wizard is reached, the Sender will need to create a Custom Property for the document. This is done using the MS Word Advanced Properties dialog.


      Opening the Advanced Properties dialog in MS Word is a two step process. First go to:

      Office button > Prepare > Properties


      In the Document Properties section that  appears at the top of the document, click Document Properties and select Advanced Properties...


      Opening Word Advanced Properties


      In the Advanced Properties dialog:

      • Open the Custom tab
      • In the Name field enter: PM_SecurityClassification
      • In the Value field enter: IN-CONFIDENCE - This is an example only. Other security classifications may be used as required



      Click Add



      The name that was entered in the Name field will now be added to the Properties Window


      Click OK


      NB: The text for the classification that is entered in the Value field must match one of the the registry keys that will be found at:


      when: <Classification>\OnSend\Visible is 1


      Continue the remaining steps of the Mail Merge Wizard as normal


      The MS Word document will now be Sent and Received as an email message.


      Verify the process

      In Outlook check the Sent Items folder to ensure that all the messages were sent to the appropriate recipients.

      Open a received message to check that it contains the Protective Markings as appropriate for the organisation's Janusseal for Outlook policy settings.



      The x-protective-marking information can also be viewed by opening the Message Options dialog on the received email.



      NB: The header information for emails sent and received internally, can only be viewed if the MS Exchange Server is either Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010.



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