Janusseal App always asking for confirmation of classification for replies/forward

Janusseal App for Outlook version 3.24.0 always asks the sender to confirm the security classification when replying or forwarding a message which already includes a recognized security classification, even if the organization's configuration does not require such confirmation.

This minor issue was fixed in version 3.24.1 that was  published to the cloud over the weekend of 5th July to 7th July.

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fixed issue
Date created: 
24 Jun, 2024
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07 Jul, 2024 07:54
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Some organizations have a configuration of Janusseal App for Outlook that does not require their end-users to confirm the security classification in the 'On Send Classification Dialog' when replying to or forwarding a message where the original has a recognised security classification.

Very 3.24.0 introduced a minor issue where this configuration option is ignored, so end-users are always shown the classification dialog for replies/forwards even if the original did contain a recognized security classification. This issue was fixed with version 3.24.1.

This issue only affects those organizations which have a configuration which allows for the sending of replies/forwards without asking to sender to confirm the classification because the classification of the original is acceptewd as the basis for the reply or forwarded message.

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Janusseal App for Outlook