Janusseal App hanging when replying/forwarding some messages

This issue has been fixed with release of version 3.22.1 on 16th October 2022.

Janusseal App for Outlook not working for some customers when sending a reply to a message. Only affects customers where confirmation of the classification of the reply/forward is not required and the message does not have any body prepend markings.

In some other cases, when replying to a message, the message body thread may have the word 'null' appear at the end of the reply.

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fixed issue
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12 Oct, 2022
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17 Oct, 2022 14:38
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Janusseal App for Outlook is 'hanging' for some users saying "Janusseal App is working on your request" but nothing happens and the message does not get sent.

This is limited to those customers that have a configuration which does not require the sender to confirm the classification of the reply in the classification dialog.

Janusnet is making a minor modification to the configuration of each customer that is affected by this issue as a temporary workaround, and then a code fix will be put in place next weekend.

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Janusseal App for Outlook