Classification dialog is resizable in Firefox 3+

The Janusseal for OWA On Send Classification Dialog should not be resizable by the end-user. However, when viewed in Firefox 3 and above the end-user can resize the dialog.


This is due to a known issue in the Firefox web browser.

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known issue
Date created: 
10 Sep, 2009
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08 May, 2018 19:51
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The Classification Dialog in Janusseal for OWA is designed to be of a fixed size. This is meant to be enforced by the dialog not being resizable by the end-user.


However, in Firefox version 3 browsers there is an issue observed by Janusnet in Janusseal for OWA 2.1 and reported by others who also wish the dialogs of their web pages to not be resizable, that Firefox 3 is ignoring an option to prevent resizing in such dialogs.


Janusseal for OWA uses the HTML DOM window.ShowModalDialog() method to call up its On Send Classification Dialog. This technique is supported by Firefox 3 - - but its current implementation is ignoring the resizable option as observed by Janusnet, and others:


Until this issue is fixed in Firefox 3, the Janusseal for OWA On Send Classification Dialog will be resizable in that browser.


Use an alternative Web browser.

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Janusseal for OWA