Installer fails to verify that Microsoft .NET v2 is on server before proceeding

When installing Janusseal for OWA 2.1.0 on an Exchange 2003 Server the installer fails to verify that the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2 is installed beforehand.

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Date created: 
12 Aug, 2008
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08 May, 2018 19:56
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The Janusseal for OWA installer (MSI) performs a number of checks to ensure the minimum system requirements are met before continuing with the install. Unfortunately, for version 2.1.0 the installer does not check that the mandatory requirement of the Microsoft .NET framework version 2 is satisfied.

This is an issue on Microsoft Exchange 2003 Servers as it is not a requirement of Exchange 2003 that .NET v2 is available. This is not an issue on Exchange Server 2007 as it does have a mandatory requirement of .NET v2.


1. Before installing Janusseal for OWA 2.1.0 on an Exchange Server 2003 install the Microsoft .NET framework v2 available for download from the Microsoft web site.

2. Use Janusseal for OWA 2.1.1 and above which checks that .NET v2 is available before continuing with the installation.

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Janusseal for OWA