After uninstalling Janusgate Exchange the Exchange Transport Service does not restart

Prior to uninstalling Janusgate Exchange it is necessary to run two Powershell scripts in the Exchange Management Shell in order to:

  • disable Janusgate Exchange as a Transport Agent, and
  • uninstall Janusgate Exchange as a known Transport Agent.

If these scripts are not run prior to uninstalling and then the software is removed via the Control Panel, the Exchange Transport service will not be able to restart because it cannot find the software files for Janusgate Exchange to hook it in as a Transport Agent. The running of these two scripts is covered in the product's Administration Guide.


This article provides the Exchange Management Shell commands you must run if you have uninstalled Janusgate Exchange from the Control Panel without running the Powershell scripts that are installed with the product. These commands allow you to disable and uninstall Janusgate Exchange as a known Transport Agent regardless if the product is installed or otherwise.

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20 Oct, 2016
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08 May, 2018 20:20
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To disable and uninstall Janusgate Exchange as an Exchange Transport Agent:

  1. on the Exchange Server where Janusgate Exchange was installed, open the Exchange Management Shell
  2. optionally, to verify Janusgate Exchange is still defined as a Transport Agent issue the command


    and this should return a listing of defined Transport Agents and their enabled state; if Janusgate Exchange is in the list then it is a defined Transport Agent

    Identity                                           Enabled         Priority
    --------                                           -------         --------
    Transport Rule Agent                               True            1
    Text Messaging Routing Agent                       True            2
    Text Messaging Delivery Agent                      True            3
    Janusgate Exchange                                 True            4
  3. to first disable Janusgate Exchange, at the shell prompt issue the command

    Disable-TransportAgent -Identity "Janusgate Exchange"
  4. after this command has completed, at the shell prompt issue the command

    Uninstall-TransportAgent -Identity "Janusgate Exchange"
  5. open the Services management console
  6. Start/restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service


The Microsoft Exchange Transport service should restart without issue. To verify, open the Event Viewer and observe any events in the Windows Logs > Application relating to MSExchangeTransport.

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