Janusseal for Outlook Web App

Security markings for Outlook Web App

Be sure that all your Outlook Web App users assign a security tag or marking to their webmail - with Janusseal.  It complements Janusseal for Outlook and uses the same rules and user interface.

Janusseal for Outlook Web App compels your users to assign a security tag or protective marking  to every message (or meeting request or calendar item if you wish) they create within Outlook Web App.

Janusseal for Outlook Web App is installed at the Exchange Server and helps you to:

  • Heighten awareness of security among your webmail users
  • Maintain consistency with desktop Outlook usage
  • Free up your IT security team for other priorities
  • Get more out of your other IT security solutions.

How it works

Assuming you’ve chosen your security classifications, such as Personal, Private and Confidential and which types of messages you want to classify, Janusseal Outlook Web App will take care of the rest for you, and deliver these main benefits:  

  • Control - only the creator of the webmail message can assign a security marking
  • Certainty - specified items cannot be sent from Outlook Web App unless security marked
  • Awareness – the security marking is visible to webmail recipients so they know what to do
  • Improved monitoring - webmail security markings can be linked to your security systems
  • Compatibility with most browsers  - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari
  • Compliance – with Email Protective Marking Standards for the UK (GPMS - GCSx CoCo 4.1) and Australian (EPMS 2012.3) Governments and it can be quickly configured for new, corporate or alternative schemes.

What you need

Janusseal for Outlook Web App works with these web browsers. Others are possible but not supported at this time:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

Find out more

Try Janusseal for Outlook Web App, find out more about email classification or contact us to discuss your email classification priorities. We are just a call away.

Classify while writing in OWA 2013/2016

Janusseal is available under the APPS button.

Classification pop-up after sending in OWA 2007 and 2010

The sender is shown the Janusseal classification dialog after clicking send.

View classification when reading in OWA 2013/2016

The recipient can view a classification summary of a received message.