Janusseal for Outlook Lite

Janusseal for Outlook Lite - starting out with email classification

For native message classification features of Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013 with Janusseal Outlook Lite.

Development and support for Janusseal Outlook Lite has been discontinued.  All customers have converted to Janusseal for Outlook or are using Janusseal App for Outlook.


Microsoft Exchange native message classifications allowed users the option to classify their messages in Outlook - or not.  Janusseal Outlook Lite used to enforce Exchange message classifications on send.

Janusseal Outlook Lite with native Exchange message classification was a basic message marking system with a small proportion of the functionality offered by Janusseal for Outlook.

As such it was designed as an introduction to classifying messages.  Over time customers wanted to upgrade to the full functionality of Janusseal for Outlook and Janusseal for Outlook Lite was discontinued.

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