Janusseal products - email and document security classification

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A full suite for Microsoft environments

Products in the Janusseal suite require end-users to apply a security classification to all email messages they send and to all documents they create. There is no way around the system.

Emails with security classification labels can then be examined at the email gateway and blocked, quarantined, automatically encrypted or allowed on their way as determined by your organisation's security policy and where the message is going.

Janusseal is available as add-ons for Outlook, Outlook Web App. In the Office file space Janusseal Documents is available for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Require end-users to classify all information they create, including when sending messages, meeting requests, tasks, public folder posts and writing documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • Add protective markings (security classification labels) to information assets
  • Prevent leakage of sensitive information and valuable data
  • Protect valuable Intellectual Property and corporate information assets
  • Limit legal liability and exposure
  • Raise security awareness in staff
  • Low cost of administration - simple to deploy, configure and manage
  • Classification schemas available "out of the box" or fully customisable to match the organisation's security policy
  • Janusseal Message suite - add-ons for Outlook, Outlook Web App and Exchange 2007/2010; works with BlackBerry
  • Janusseal Documents - add-ons for Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Janusseal and DLP

Products in the Janusseal Messages suite being used in a Data Leakage Prevention solution,
working in conjunction with an organisation's email gateway.

The Janusseal product range

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All products in the Janusseal range are manufactured by the team at Janusnet.