Integrator Engagement

IT security is complicated enough without vendors overlaying complexity. That's why dealing with Janusnet is a great experience. Technical and service partners can easily integrate Janusnet solutions into their customer environments. The Janusnet team will assist with the establishment of the baseline configuration so that you, and your customer, can be up and running as soon as possible. Janusnet is focussed on developing great software and systems to make it easy to apply Janusseal or Janusgate. Our business aims do not include building a professional services practice. We provide advise on how our software gets deployed, but as far as implementation and delivery is concerned, that's where our partners help.


Here are a few of the business consultancy activities that you may consider in your engagements:

  • Helping organizations understand and define the way data should be handled
  • Advise and define Classification schema(s) which should be used
  • How those classification schemes relate to the business imperatives, statutes and regulations
  • How that classified information is handled by the customer with existing or proposed control systems
  • What are the implications through your supply chain

User experience and training

The end users' staff are at the "point of spear" in terms of manual information handling. These people create content and need to know how to handle it. Our partners, together with the risk management team at the end user can help with the following experiential and training programs:

  • How to classify information training programs
  • Explaining mapping requirements to regulations and standards
  • Scenario modelling (e.g. if you have +X National ID numbers, then increase classification level)
  • Testing and monitoring application and improvement

Technical Integration

The Janunet products are designed to integrate. Janusnet makes it as easy as possible. But there is always a need to analyse and implement the following to get the most out of a Janusnet software deployment for the customer:

  • SIEM - which human events need to be audited and how that can be utilized by your customer
  • DLP, access control / data governance  - which control events your customer wants to trigger, what are the trigger conditions and the subsequent workflows including reclassification
  • EDRMS and other information management systems - there may be opportunities to provide some integration or at least consistency
  • Cloud, or on-premise, or hybrid design and implementation to meet the business need
  • Migrating from other data classification software

As mentioned at the top of this article, Janusnet endeavors to make the deployment and integration easy, using techniques and processes that should be familiar. You can concentrate on getting a business outcome for your client.

Working with Janusnet

If you are a new integrator/outsourcer supporting an existing Janusnet customer, please get your customer to inform Janusnet, so that appropriate access rights can be enabled.