Criminal Justice

Prevent sensitive emails safe from unauthorised access

In the criminal justice system, the impact of sensitive pre-trial information in Criminal Justice System eMail (CJSM) messages being accessed by an unauthorised party can have major ramifications on the trial and those involved.

Nowadays, reducing the incidence of sensitive material being mishandled is made increasingly complex by the prevalent use of mobile devices to access emails. With a higher chance of these devices becoming lost or stolen, any information held on them is at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

By filtering CJSM emails before they reach the mobile device, Janusgate Mobile prevents sensitive information being put at risk of accidental loss.

Protecting Information without Impacting Productivity

To provide legal firms and practitioners with a secure solution that doesn’t stand in the way of productivity, Janusgate Mobile prevents emails containing sensitive information from being delivered to mobile devices, while allowing users to access the email from their corporate desktop.

By being instantly alerted to the email message, recipients can still respond quickly without any sensitive pre-trial information being held on the mobile device.

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