The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s purpose is to grow New Zealand for all and provide a better standard of living for all New Zealanders. The Ministry does this by working with others to help businesses to be more competitive, improving job opportunities and by ensuring quality housing is more affordable.

MBIE was formed in July 2012, integrating the functions of four major government agencies, the Department of Building and Housing, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Department of Labour and the Ministry of Science and Innovation. MBIE employs about 4,500 people across New Zealand and in 22 offshore sites.

IT integration presents a major challenge

Integrating four major government agencies had impacts for IT as well. There were the obvious challenges as well as two major issues: mobile device and email management. There were four different mobile environments and five different technologies to manage, plus equally disparate email environments. With recent high profile international data leaks, security was a priority. The use of email classification, that is marking emails at source with a security classification, was mandated. “That gave us two problems to solve not one - email classification and rationalising mobile device environments - and neither was simple” says Project Manager, Matthew Morris


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