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Elegant Design

janusNET's products are designed to integrate with existing infrastructure and software investment.  Administration is easy to configure, deploy and manage.

The utility offered by janusNET products can be leveraged across an enterprise and it happens without fuss or drama.  Our technology is packed with features - yet it is simple to use and operate.   'Best in class (ification)' means that our customers can set and forget.  For example, there is no need for bespoke administration and reporting consoles.  You already have at your disposal administration and reporting tools - janusNET products use those tools.

Minimal overhead - maximum gain.

janusNET designs software for Microsoft Enterprise environments to this end:

  1. janusSEAL uses the same Microsoft configuration control for Outlook and Office add-ins as the parent application
    • Active Directory for enrollment
    • Group Policy for configuration 
  2. existing infrastructure
  3. No additional training - sysadmins use this technology daily
  4. Workstations settings are persistent and work remotely and offline