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Updated: 6 hours 37 min ago

Why you probably shouldn't join the Apple OS X beta seed program

7 hours 3 min ago
After limiting its beta software to developers Apple is inviting civilians under the Kimono to test OS X, iTunes and other pieced of its desktop software.
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Ready or not, 4K video is on its way

7 hours 54 min ago
Consumers have yet to tune in to 4K. But while the technical merits are subject to debate, the recent NAB Show in Las Vegas left little doubt that a lot of work is going on behind the scenes to make Ultra HD TV the next big thing.
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The Internet keeps getting faster and more dangerous

8 hours 39 min ago
Akamai's latest State of the Internet Report is out and it shows an Internet that's becoming faster and more dangerous.
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The tech world's other Nadellas

8 hours 51 min ago
Satya Nadella has hogged the limelight for being chosen as Microsoft's new CEO, but there are a few other Indian-origin heads of companies out there who also deserve a mention for their remarkable success
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IBM intros next-gen Power8 microprocessor, servers along with OpenPower roadmap

9 hours 37 min ago
IBM boasted it took more than three years of development -- not to mention $2.4 billion in investment -- as well as "hundreds" of patents to produce Power8.
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Dimension Data fuels expansion plans with Nexus acquisition

10 hours 3 min ago
The deal expands the company's nationwide footprint and boosts its plan to be a major player in the ICT sector across the US.
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EMC's Tucci: Enterprise IT shifts accelerating; Ante being raised

10 hours 6 min ago
Amid solid first quarter results, EMC chief Joe Tucci says the pace of innovation around cloud, big data and the Internet of things is accelerating. That acceleration is making some customers cautious.
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Amazon pulls off coup against Netflix with HBO deal

10 hours 26 min ago
Point to Amazon today, but the tech giant's Prime content library still looks thin compared to Netflix and Hulu.
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OnePlus announces Android smartphone with better specs than new flagships at half the price

12 hours 14 min ago
OnePlus just announced their OnePlus One high end Android smartphone with specs that beat the S5 and HTC One (M8) with a price starting at just $299.
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NIST finally dumps NSA-tainted random number algorithm

12 hours 33 min ago
Many years since a backdoor was discovered, probably planted by the NSA, public pressure finally forces NIST to formally remove Dual_EC_DRBG from their recommendations.
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Microsoft reissues SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1

Wed, 2014-04-23 23:51
Microsoft has reissued Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2013, which the company withdrew earlier this month after reported problems with the update.
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Singapore telcos told not to charge existing subscribers for 4G

Wed, 2014-04-23 23:35
Country's ICT regulator says existing subscribers should not be charged for 4G services while still serving out their contracts, but does not state such fees cannot be implemented for new subscribers.
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Samsung Galaxy S5 review: Another solid Android smartphone that could have been better

Wed, 2014-04-23 23:19
Samsung recently released the Galaxy S5 across the world and it is destined to sell millions. There are a few new gimmicks you will try once and never use again, but also some great features that make it a phone to consider.
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The end is nigh for Google Glass

Wed, 2014-04-23 23:03
Google Glass is dead. I just hope it doesn't take the entire wearables sector down with it.
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HDS announces enterprise-strength storage virtualization

Wed, 2014-04-23 23:00
High-end enterprise data storage is in crunch mode thanks to the cloud on one side and innovative flash-enabled architectures on the other. Hitachi Data Systems thinks it has the answer.
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Brazilian Senate approves Internet Bill of Rights

Wed, 2014-04-23 22:38
President Dilma Rousseff will present Marco Civil as her response to spying activity carried out by the US.
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Maturing the NoSQL argument

Wed, 2014-04-23 22:00
A system cannot mature its way out of a fundamentally wrong architectural choice. Companies as modern and data-focused as Facebook, Google, and Cloudera continue to make meaningful investments in SQL technologies.
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Apple security updates for Mac, iOS, and AirPort

Wed, 2014-04-23 22:00
A total of 33 vulnerabilities patched, most in iOS. Only the Airport Base Station was vulnerable to Heartbleed.
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Microsoft delivers Remote Desktop app preview for Windows Phone 8.1

Wed, 2014-04-23 21:48
Microsoft has made available for download a preview version of its Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone 8.1.
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Anker Power IQ 40W 5-port desktop charger (Verdict: Essential)

Wed, 2014-04-23 21:30
Anker makes my new favorite USB charger. Here's why it should be yours too.
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